Welcome to Sci Fi Machines.
We supply, sell, rent and install only the most famous, most sought after Sci Fi amusement machines in the world today.
Order from us with confidence. We are the only company to deal closely with people from all sectors of the sci fi community, including original cast members for Star Wars itself! We know the scene inside out, and are dedicated to bringing you a fulfilling trip down sci fi memory lane.

Celebration 2007
To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars, Lucasfilm Ltd. and The Cards Inc Group are throwing Europe’s largest Star Wars party ever; Star Wars Celebration Europe.
Sci Fi Machines will be there, displaying some of our more exclusive Star Wars arcade machines.
We will be there, will you?

Star Wars anniversary
Star Wars is 30 years old!
Discuss this in our forums by clicking the image above - Happy birthday Star Wars!

  "Welcome!" - From Sci Fi's Director, Jonathan Thompson.
  "Hi everyone, Welcome to Sci Fi Machines!
My mission? To make every top class Sci Fi amusement arcade machine available to you, from my extensive collection.
You can keep upto date with what's going on in the Forum, which I will be updating as aften as I can."
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Latest images

Some of our collectable pinball machines in an american cinema site (Above).

Pinball machines ready to be delivered (Above).

Side on view of pinball machines transporter/lost in space and doctor who

Our service engineers fully test and strip down each pintable ....we take it seriously its serious fun!!!

More in depth pics of us servicing our machines ready to hire to venues

Friend of owner jonathan thompson dermot o leahry enjoys one of jonathans "toys" a 1983 star wars cockpit arcade machine! as we get ready for his star wars party (Above).

Jonathans hair styalist flown in from london prepares jonathan hair for star wars premiere to be screened in london 2005

Other pics of jonathan with dermot oleahry who is a massive fan of jonathan and his machines and indeed star wars its a known fact that dermot loves starwars!!

Personal endorsment to jonathan for his work with star wars machines by john coppinger cretor of Jabba the hut from return of the jedi!

Jonathan with friend and star wars episode 1 fame Ray Park alias Darth Maul! he caought up with ray in the USA

Jonathan here with Brent Spiner alisas the robot "data" from startrek the next generation he is in talks with brent over aquiring a startrek pinball personally signed by him!!

Memorabelia 2005
Birmingham NEC 25th - 27th November 2005

Watch Jon's video diary of the event here>>

A good time had by all at ther UK's bigest memorabalia event.
We bumped into a few old friends, and made some new ones too!

Jonathan with a Dalek... SPOOOKY!

Jonathan with peter wingarde alias "klytus and jason king from flash gordon!! starring soundtrack from queen and sam jones as flash.

Jonathan with Mr Gerry Anderson, creator of floppy strung up heroes - The Thundrbirds.

Superfly Mo'fo! Jon bumps into Huggy Bear

It's 1966 all over again with Jack Charlton and Nobby Stiles

Dave Prowse, better known as Darth Vader with Jonathan.

John Chapman
Working with us to deliver a unique service.

"tv presenter jonathan thompson owner of sci fi machines has developed a unique relationship with the celebrities of star wars in particular john chapman one of the x wing pilots from the film Star Wars, he can offer a service where john comes and installs a machine personally into your venue(s) and sign your machine as part of the price.

We are also developing the "x wing training school"

If you would like to be trained by an X Wing pilot, on how to be the best on Star Wars machines email us here

As well as attending memorabilia fairs, John has been a guest at several Star Wars conventions where he has been surprised by the interest in his character. "I'd never bothered with the convention circuit as I didn't have speaking part, I was just one of the extras in the briefing room scene".
For more info on John click here

Michael Sheard (1940-2005)

It is our sad duty to inform everyone that our dear friend Michael Sheard has passed away at his home on the Isle of Wight.
A message from Ros Sheard: "My darling husband died on August 31st. He will be sadly missed and he loved you all."
We also learned from Michael's son, Simon via his official site at www.michaelsheard.com that before he passed on, Michael made a request to have the following message posted on his website for all his friends:
"Thank you my Very Dear Chums - See ya."

We provided the machines for this occasion, with many Star Wars actors attending, and a pleasant surprise when Jonathan, our Managing Director was met by the Lady Maress of Bristol!

Here Jonathan meets Micheal Sheard, otherwise know as 'Admiral Ozzell' from Star Wars, and of course 'Mr Bronson' from Grange Hill!

And here is the maress of Bristol, pleased to meet you Ma'am:)

Here, Jeremy Bullock - Bobba Fett from Star Wars, gives Sci Fi Machines a personal endorsment - Thanks Bobba!!!

Here we meet up with Garry Wheelan the world Galaxian Champion at Screenplay 2005 in Nottingham.

Jonathan with 'Bessie', the car fade famous on Dr Who.

And here, our friendly staff install a Dr Who pinball machine into a venue.

Big Brother presenter Dermot O'leary wanted to have a Star Wars party, with Darth Vader as guest of honour!
The production team turned to us here at Sci Fi Machines to provide all the arcade machines for this auspicious occasion.
Of course, we obliged, and company director Jonathan went down there personally to meet up with old freind Dave Prowse (Darth Vader) and, of course, a great time was had by all!

Come over to the darkside! Dermot enters the building...

Jonathan with Dermot, and fellow TV presenter Jose D'arby

Jonathan with the man himself, Dave Prowse, or Lord Vader to you and me!

Jeremy Bullock, the actor who plays Star Wars 'Boba fett' has a strong bond with us here at Sci Fi Machines.
Here he is custom signing a Star Wars Trilogy arcade machine for one of our clients.
This kind of service is part of what makes us unique!
We know the retro games industry so well, that Star Wars actors have no issues with helping us out in this way.

Here Jeremy signs a Star Wars Trilogy upright machine, ready for delivery, he can't resist one last battle with dark side! Sci Fi Machines managing director - Jonathon Thompson looks on, trying to hold back a wry smile (and failing!).